CC/LTC legal?: Company rental car (not "leased"), in my name, and my name is on the Company Card...

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  • leVieux

    Old Guy "Lost my guns in move to nursing home."
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    Mar 28, 2013
    Saint Martinville, LA
    Just wondering if 1) CC and 2) LTC is legal in a "rental" car, in my name, but company funded, and not "leased"?

    3) How about if I drive from TX to LA in said "rental", not "leased" car/SUV/Truck?
    I have both permits, and have lived my life between those two states. It is not, and never was, illegal to open carry a handgun in public in Louisiana, no permit ever required. Also, I have never heard of anyone hassled for having a weapon anywhere in a vehicle. Just don’t commit any crime and you’ll be OK.

    Now, in Phoenix AZ, “Sky Harbor” Airport, the auto rental companies prohibit weapons in their cars, but with ZERO force of law, and the Airport follows U S Law & FAA policies; I just tell Hertz to “stick-it”.

    Back to LA, a normal citizen shouldn’t have any problem, your TX LTC is good. Our extremely unpopular democrat Governor has twice vetoed “Constitutional (concealed) Carry Laws” here, but public and LEO support is with non-regulation.

    We have had some spectacular LEO mistake events here, which have cost their departments million$, so they now know better. My career LEO Son says that his department instructs officers to just IGNORE O.C. entirely, unless a crime is involved or the person is “prohibited” by felony or court order.

    Don’t worry !
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