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  • Vaquero

    Moving stuff to the gas prices thread.....
    Staff member
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    Apr 4, 2011
    Dixie Land
    We can't even catch Buckee's eye out here.
    I sure ain't worried about a casino plopping down close by.


    TGT Addict
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    May 6, 2008
    Out here by the lake!
    Corpus Christi area seems like it might suit a casino - given the proximity to S. Padre & Mustang Islands.

    There's already an indian casino in Eagle Pass, if I remember, so maybe another would open in the El Paso area to compete for business. Maybe some rich land owner would see the opportunity to build up a Las Vegas style place somewhere in the hill country too, or down near Laredo.

    Haven't been to Kemah yet, but a bunch of people have said we should go just to see it, and maybe get some seafood. Its one of those things that, while close, its still a hell of a drive thanks to traffic, so if I take the wife, we'll probably get a hotel for the night.
    Not a drive I would make to a tourist trap.


    أنا لست إرهابيا
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    Jan 14, 2014
    South of the Red, North of the Gulf
    How much has Louisiana or Oklahoma profited by having casinos? Are the roads better paved? The schools better supplied?

    I have nothing against gambling, but all the predictions of great windfalls for the public are nothing but vapor. A handful of people get rich and nobody else profits.

    Just look at the Lottery in Texas. It was going to raise money for schools. Billions of dollars have passed through the system, but did our schools get better? Did our taxes go down? Nope and nope.
    I believe the answer is very little for most citizens.
    And very expensive for many who are already strained finances.
    I expect Legislators (or their kin) have sweetheart deals to have masked financial positions in these deals as have happened in previous big deals.

    Not interested.


    The One And Only
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    Aug 24, 2013
    Other than some low wage jobs, Casinos bring little to nothing beneficial to the State.

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    entertainment for a decent amount of the population is a big benefit.

    Just because you do not like a nice Poker game now and then does not mean its worthless.

    in addition most large and established casino's offer more than gambling.
    and end up with
    Fine dining
    Most have a theater or area for concerts
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