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  • lightflyer1

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    May 2, 2015
    Went to this this morning just to see something different maybe a a small town gun show. Nothing to really report except the same insane prices and it was pretty small. Saw lots of people go in and out in a very short time and come out with nothing, just as I did. Disappointing at best. I did get breakfast at Crazy Gal's Cafe which was good but not worth the 3 hours it took to get out there and back and the short time in the show.

    Glenn B

    Retired & Loving It
    TGT Supporter
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    Sep 5, 2019
    Texarkana Area
    I had been thinking of taking a 2 hour drive (each way) to a show in Henderson today but changed my mind. I figured it would be much the same as you described that other show. Wish there were shows in or closer to Texarkana, TX more often but there is one in Texarkana on the TX side only once a year and I think the closest other ones are in Longview which is not a much shorter drive.


    Old Guy "Lost my guns in move to nursing home."
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    Mar 28, 2013
    Saint Martinville, LA
    Does anyone actually buy things at "Gun Shows" ? Traveling SCAMS !

    Years back a Buddy proudly showed me the two Rolex watches he got on trade for two really nice Weatherby Vanguards w/ Leupold scopes.

    The watches were obvious fakes, worth about $15 each. When I showed him my real one, to compare, he just sat there stunned.


    My posts don't count....
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    Jul 1, 2008
    That place east of Waco....
    I don't go more than 90 minutes away for the city gun show now.....Waco, Tyler, B/CS, etc. Just not worth the effort.

    The small town shows are a lot more interesting....

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    Feb 23, 2022
    Went to one today, if you go expecting to find bargains at every table you will be disappointed. It's a good way to kill a couple of hours, talk to some like minded people and occasionally find something you need. I'm about to post in "What gun stuff did you buy today" my deal today.
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