What has been your Botach experience?

  • Great! Fast shipping.

    Votes: 1 9.1%
  • A little slow but otherwise no problems.

    Votes: 3 27.3%
  • Slow, but a good deal for those willing to wait.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • OK for some items, but not for others.

    Votes: 2 18.2%
  • Not worth the trouble. Frustratingly slow, poor communication.

    Votes: 5 45.5%

  • Total voters

Glenn B

TGT Addict
TGT Supporter
Sep 5, 2019
Texarkana Area
I shopped Botach once, years ago, when they were the only ones with whatever it was I needed. Their prices in general were very high compared to other places but as I said that was years ago. Never shopped with them again. Do they offer good deals now?

Double Naught Spy

Active Member
Mar 4, 2008
North Texas
The problem with Botach is consistency. They will do you fine on some orders and absolutely screw you on other orders. You can order 5 things and 4 of them arrive and 12 emails and 4 calls later and they still can't tell you if you will get the fifth item and don't want to refund your money.
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