Black 2A Supporters march in Austin demanding Biden close the border and start reparations

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  • Darkpriest667

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    Jan 13, 2017
    Jarrell TX, United States
    Wow, must be some of those right-wing white nationalists I keep hearing about.

    At least they're a little more than half right. Immigration? Check. They're showing a clue. Reparations, though? Tell ya what. I'll happily pay reparations to anyone who can prove that they personally were a slave and that I personally enslaved them. Otherwise, **** that. Nobody is owed anything for what someone else's ancestors may or may not have done to their ancestors. Also, if a black person's ancestors came to the US after the Civil War ended, are they excluded from the whole reparations thing? Will they have to prove their lineage? I doubt it. It's just another free ride.

    As a Jew I demand the descendants of Africans and Egyptians pay my people reparations first. With interest. That should offset any reparations I owe them LOL


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    Feb 9, 2019
    Great about the border, but somebody needs to clue them in. They aren't owed anything and they won't be getting any reparations.
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    Apr 13, 2018
    Plenty of you already commented but I will add just to be a salty ass.

    Reparations is for lazy unethical people. It's the same concept as UBI. People want something for nothing. So proud of the color of your skin yet you use it to try and get free money and extort others.

    I do want the border shut down, but my reasonings are layered. It's not just because I don't like you and you should "go home". I would give these guys a thumbs up if they protested racial profiling, but then you just show everyone what kind of retard you are by finding the answers to your problems in more racism. Then it's just a downward spiral...We all end up keep hating each other. It's easy to do. In my short time in Texas, was the first time I experienced racism. A friend, also a supervisor, black, conservative, and a kick ass guy, was held back by hispanic management and even told to his face he wouldn't go anywhere because he was a ni****. My friend took the high road. I wanted to **** the guy up. Been a long time sense I gave someone that look. My friend told me to let him handle it and he was cool as could be. But after that the supervisor that called my friend that didn't seem to understand why most of the warehouse that's black, didn't do shit for him when asked, and if I was asked if I could make em do something; Nope, bye.

    These black people pounding the streets need to understand two wrongs don't make a right. It's easy to lump all people into one group when things get heated/emotional. I know this...
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