Bill collector call on a Sunday? WTF.


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Jul 23, 2011
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I've seen notices saying we cant sue you or report this to a credit bureau any more but were offering you this chance to make it right. I get one from some new agency every year or so from a credit card I never had. It's not on my credit report so I just toss it.

I keep track of my credit and know I've never had unpaid Bills so I dont know where they get the info. They buy and sell that crap in huge bundles from one agency to the next for almost decades it seems. I guess some skip tracer puts a name and a history together and throws a shot in the dark and sends out a notice.

This however was a fishing scam I guess.

Still looking for my air horn. Damn kids probably took it to a football game last friday night.


May 1, 2018
I heard something about an app or something that you can have deals with those kind of call.

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Jan 23, 2009
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If you have a name similar to one that they're skip-tracing, they'll call you as well. I had one a few years ago that called me on a 20 year old debt that I knew I'd paid. I played along, got all their info on where to send payment, and promptly mailed an unsigned "check" I created on my PC - no tracking number on the check, the account number was "FuckYou4ever", and signed it "Alfred E. Newman". They called me all upset - I told them that my "check" was as legit as their claim and hung up. Oddly, they never called back.....

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Nov 7, 2015

You sir, are an artist fudging with so-called scam artists...and it's fun isn't it?

Back when I answered my phone to each and all, the tele-scammers were great fun to scam back, but no longer do I have the patience to mess with these turd wranglers...

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Mar 17, 2008
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I know my home phone will allow me to forward calls to another number even after I answer him but I've lost the instruction manual and don't know how.

I think it would be fun to forward calls like these to the non-emergency police number 311 or whatever it is.


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Jan 23, 2019
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Great vid messing with scammers and wasting their time. Haven't done it in a while but used to quite a bit.

As an example, I remember one with a thick Indian or Pakistani accent that called when I was home alone and bored about some fake debt or back taxes or some such. After a long back and forth with me changing the subject on a dime to something totally (and I mean off-the-wall) random multiple times.....even changing my accent several times......and him feverishly trying to get me focused back on the real issue at hand, my fake debt and the fact that I'd be arrested if it wasn't paid, I finally agreed.

He then asked for my credit card info. I told him I was happy to provide it to avoid my impending arrest, but I only had a Sears card and asked if they accepted it. He put me on hold while he asked his "expert." He came back and said they weren't familiar with Sears and asked what it was. I feigned disbelief at him not knowing of the American retail giant and then went into why I had the card in the first place, that my wife and I used it to buy our first washer/dryer years earlier, Kenmore brand and how happy we had been with the purchase. The washer had finally bit the dust after 20 years and we weren't as happy with the replacement that we'd bought at Home Depot, but the dryer was still going strong. This led me to ask him what his thoughts were on various brands of appliances as far as quality, price and warranty and even throwing in random thoughts like about the game on TV and asking if he was watching it too...….on and on and on while he got more and more frustrated. At some point between 30 minutes and an hour of being on the phone, HE finally hung up on ME out of complete and total frustration.

I despise thieves, which is all they are, and take some satisfaction in getting their hopes up and wasting their time and money while they chase their tail for awhile and end up with nothing.
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