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    Aug 7, 2022
    Well, the wife and I took a basic handgun class today with Bo from Viking Weapon Training out in League City. Little did I know it was at the same exact place as a group we are a part of who frequently paddleboards at Longhorn Lake. I always wondered what the range was like, now I know.

    One thing right off, the range itself is kind off the beaten path which is fine, you wont find champagne and caviar there for sure. However, I have to say how impressed I was with the instructions and rules they have, taking as much as precaution possible to assure their customers are not in any accidents. I, for one, appreciate rules when it comes to firearm handling in a public setting such as that.

    Bo, from Viking Weapon Training was awesome. He is passionate and really expresses genuine interest in his students. The basic handgun training was mostly for my wife, but I went with the attitude that I could learn something and would find some instruction on how to be a better shooter. I was not disappointed in those thoughts. By the end of our class and live fire instruction, I was grouping within 2-3 inches consistently. Bo corrected a core grip issue he saw I was experiencing and after it was corrected, I shot better. Also, and I sincerely appreciate this, he made my wife feel a lot more comfortable shooting a firearm. When she and I went to the range ALONE last weekend, she tried out a 38 special revolver, a Bersa 380 and a 9mm Glock 19 . She said the Glock was too much and decided that the Bersa was the most comfortable for her. So much so, that I almost didn't bring the Glock today, glad I did however.

    With Bo's instruction and correction in grip, she changed her mind and decided she liked the Glock much better. Go figure! I am actually happy she did...however...we attended the gunshow in Pasadena after the class and her interest in guns peaked much higher than previously. Now she has in her head she wants a Glock 43x - Dang it! Thanks Bo! (J/K) I actually lost track of her a few times at the show because she was moving faster through the tables than I was...which is unheard of...she has ALWAYS been the slowest at shopping for ANYTHING.

    It was a lengthy training day, and we are both tired this evening. All and all, a very successful day indeed.

    Thanks Zack for the tip on Viking, made for a very good learning experience. Now I know what I need to practice on (with handguns.)

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