Armed black militia: We'll take Texas.


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Dec 15, 2019
I have always thought about it this way. If anyone feels so strongly of how this country is, WHY don't they just leave? Why do some come here from some third world shithole, where things are so bad, then try to turn America into what they left behind? If these people hate America so much, then why don't they just leave and go to another country that fits their ideals?

I am so very confused.


Dec 14, 2009
Richardson, Texas
It is called Democratic subsidy.
They don't have anything in their native country so they come here. We are a giving nation. The government will provide them with a home, food, and clothes. Other charities will provide them with money and more household items.
I was in line at the grocery store not long ago. A black woman with two children were in front of me. When they checked out she paid with some kind government coupons.
I paid and left the store behind her. Turns out we were parked near each other.
She got into a shiny new black Mercedes coupe, while I got into my 2017 Ford Edge.
That stimulus check we got awhile back is the only thing the government has given me.


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Mar 9, 2008
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My first 73 years are finished and in the books. All that remains is the final chapter. No one gets out of here, alive. That sounds like a dandy way to end the tale! It sure beats wearing diapers and drooling!


Well since I'am at the big 80 and no where near the diapers and drooling I have never begun to think of any final chapter yet as I have alot of living to do.
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