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  • robertc1024

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    Jan 22, 2013
    San Marcos
    I have a home audio question. I have a receiver with low level outputs going into two amplifiers, each of which is connected to a multiplexer switch that connects up to four rooms. Each room has 2 or 4 speakers - each of which is 4 ohms that are connected in parallel. So, the problem is that one of the amps took a shit. Not surprising because if I hook up all the rooms to an amp it's around 1.3 ohms. My question(s) are: What kind of amp do I need? and Is there anything else I can do to prevent it?

    It's damn nice to be able to put music in every room, if I want to. My current amps are Adcom 5200's that are 50W/channel. I suspect I'll need more. Talking to the idiot people at Crutchfield and Best Buy was an exercise in futility - none of them even seem to have a clue about Ohm's Law. I'm just a lowly mechanical engineer.


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    Aug 31, 2013
    Grand Prairie, TX
    edit: I tried to send the link, but it doesn't work any longer.
    1.3 Ohms is pretty low and would appear close to a short to the amplifier. Not surprised it shit the bed.
    Sounds like you need something like this


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    Jan 23, 2019
    Pipe Creek
    Honestly, I'd go for an amp intended for the purpose.

    Russound D850 8-channel power amplifier 80W/ch. at 4 ohms. x 8 channels.
    There's a 16 channel model as well, and you can bridge pairs of channels for more power if needed.
    Yes, I like this idea. I did not check price, but trying to run four low impedance speakers on a single channel is not ideal.

    One option might be try to move to two 8 ohm speakers with your current setup.
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