Air Rifle for squirrels


Aug 27, 2009
San Antonio!
I have a gamo "silent cat" (similar design) and it's far from ultra quiet. I also have a lever action 22 that I load with subsonic ammo, and it is much quieter than the air rifle.
I have a Silent Cat as well, it's cool but definitely not "silent!" :cool::cool::cool:


Also be careful shooting one in urban areas. Some municipalities have restrictions on them, such as San Antonio!
Sec. 21-14. - Air gun, paint ball gun or spring gun; furnishing to minor. (a) It shall be unlawful for any person within the city to sell, or give to, or place in the possession of, any person under the age of sixteen (16) years, any gun which discharges a bullet or missile by means of compressed air, or any gun discharging a bullet or missile by means of a spring. (b) It shall be unlawful for any person to possess, discharge or bring into a public park any gun, which discharges a bullet, missile or paintball by means of compressed air, gas propellant, or any gun discharging a bullet, missile or paintball by means of a spring. It shall be an affirmative defense to any charge that written permission was provided by the director of parks and recreation for a special event. (Ord. No. 2008-04-17-0317, § 3, 4-17-08) Editor's note— Ord. No. 2008-04-17-0317, § 3, adopted April 17, 2008, amended section 21-14 in its entirety to read as herein set out. Formerly, section 21-14 pertained to air gun or spring gun; furnishing to minors, and derived from the Code of 1950, § 41-19, and the Code of 1959, § 26-26.
In Texas, an air gun is considered a non-powder gun. Under federal law, air guns are not considered firearms due to the fact that their projectiles are expelled by the force of air, a non-explosive force, rather than by the energy created by the explosive force of gunpowder.

Only recently did Texas Parks and Wildlife Division (TPWD) permit the use of air guns to hunt squirrels, subject to certain restrictions. The air rifle must be designed to be shot from the shoulder, expelling a projectile, bullet, or pellet of at least .177 caliber (4.5 mm) with a minimum velocity of 600 feet per second.

It is illegal to hunt game birds or game animals with an air gun in the Lone Star State. If, however, the animal is a non-game animal (non-protected), such as a bobcat, coyote, rabbit, or armadillo to name but a few, it can be hunted with an air gun. Hunting exotics and other nongame animals, such as feral hogs, is also permissible using air guns (Source).



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Nov 1, 2015
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Gammo whisper air rifle, came with a scope and pretty accurate. Problem for me is that I live in city limits and even this is illegal to shoot. The squirrels in my neighborhood are unbelievably smart and they seem to know that from where I always see them that if I make a shot and miss I will take out a neighbors window.

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Jul 21, 2017
My backyard is squirrel country. Dog loves to chase them when in the yard. We have a matched pair of hawks that fly around late in the afternoon. They may be checking for squirrels too. I use a Daisy BB gun. Scares the hell out of them even when I miss.


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Aug 21, 2018
San Benito
I have a Gamo Bone Collector, it's great when the scope works. Wouldn't get a piston powered one unless it has iron sights or you plan on getting a good scope
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