Adios to Iran's top nuclear scientist


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Jun 14, 2011
Interesting article; thanks Bob.
I'll also just mention that within the last year or two, Iran has lost five other lower level nuclear scientists to suspected Mossad involvement. Not widely reported in the U.S. (Not a particularly "healthy time" to be Iranian and be working on certain physics projects in the Islamic Republic).


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Feb 9, 2012
The thing that gets me is all the news reports saying Iran stopped its nuclear weapons development years ago.

Really??? And if they believe that, I have prime farmland 20 miles south of Galveston to sell 'em.
Duz et hav a connin alotmint?


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Jan 25, 2020
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Interesting report/claim on how he was assassinated.
Soon to come to our shores, and in fact everywhere.

The advent of reliable, self-driving cars will make remote attacks easy and safe for the attackers. Just put the bomb in the trunk, and tell the car to drive itself to the embassy / hotel / restaurant / whatever, then once you see on your app that the car has arrived, you blow it up. Thanks to on-board navigation, you can be on another continent when the bomb in the trunk goes off -- no need for martyrs.

Since cars are so common, nobody blinks an eye when a car pulls up anywhere, and since roads go everywhere, cars can go everywhere, too. And it's a very economical attack. A few self-driving cars only costs in the hundreds of thousands, well within the budget of even a modest terrorist network, making multiple-car attacks affordable. Send an unassuming little Toyota to clear the guards at the gate by blowing them to pieces, then followed by a self-driving lifted truck with big tires to clear the debris field with ease, and blow up at the actual target.

And there's really no way to beat semi-autonomous machines, unless you've got .mil defense systems. Imagine a self-driving pickup truck with a bed full of drones, each drone carrying a kilo of C-4. There's very little such an attack could not destroy.
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