A carry gun for my son’s 21st birthday?

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  • Glenn B

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    Sep 5, 2019
    Texarkana - Across The Border
    Glocks have not had the "tennifer" finish in years that they are so famous for. That process is not ecologically friendly and they switched to another form of nitriding, similar to the Melonite QPQ finish Smith & Wesson uses. Additionally - Glocks still utilize a carbon steel slide, whereas the slides on M&P's have always been stainless steel. M&P's *can* rust, but even a Glock can rust. Keep the M&P slide wiped with a silicone cloth after each trip out and it'll be hunky dory.

    If son likes the M&P Compact and shoots it well - get that. Or go rent some guns and get what he shoots best. Don't shy away from hammer fired guns either - I shoot a Beretta 92 better than any Glock or M&P. I went to Glock from my Beretta simply because holster selection for work purposes. Berettas, to me, shoot flatter, smoother, and with a softer recoil impulse and they're easier to shoot tigher groups with. @zackmars would probably recommend the P4X compact.

    Another gun worth looking at would be the Canik TP9 lineup - they've got them from competition length to compacts, and subcompacts and micro compacts. Better triggers out the box than any Glock or M&P out there, and about 75% the cost of a Glock, or even less depending on the model and package - Academy had some a while back for about $400 after taxes.
    None of my Glocks with the newer finish have ever rusted even when I dismal conditions. My point was not that Glocks are the gretaest but that someone would discount them just because they are a Glock hater and that is ludicrous.
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