590 Shockwave with brace. Who has one.


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Feb 26, 2020
Converse TX
No brace. Crimson Trace Lasersaddle makes aiming from any position a breeze.
Birds head grip does not transfer energy directly to the hand so no discomfort there. View attachment 296848 Fits nicely in a backpack. Completely anonymous.
I really like that lasersaddle!

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Nov 4, 2015
Me. Constantly forget about it and its wedged in the very rear of my safe.

Have an SBA3 and an ar stock adapter, forget which one, went through 4 or 5 of them that did what i want (proper comb height, actually fit buffer tubes well, and didnt fall apart after a few rounds)

I think a braced PCC (PCP?) or intermediate caliber pistol is far more practical
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