2022 Austin Gun Lunch Thread - 9 years and counting!!!!


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Jan 3, 2009

It's been 9 years since I wanted to meet some folks from this site and said let's go to lunch.
And we're still going, but we could some new faces at these lunches (we regulars aren't so good looking). :)

Anyways, we meet every other week for lunch on Friday at 11am.
We eat, shoot the breeze, and enjoy good company. Generally speaking, we figure out where we'll be on a given week at the previous lunch, then one of us will post in here where we'll be for that next meeting.

Since we started this off in early January 9 years ago, our first meeting of the year is our anniversary and we go back to where this all started, Rudy's on Research Blvd.
I hope to see some new folks tomorrow and throughout the year.



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Feb 26, 2015
Sorry I'm not making it today. Waiting on a repairman for my 2 month old oven. When I saw that I can connect it to my phone, I realized that it may have too much technology to last 20 years.


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Jan 13, 2017
Jarrell TX, United States
It's just too far to drive to Austin these days for me. I'm closer to Temple at this point and I don't like to get into the cancer that is South of 45. I met you guys once on a lunch at Conan's when I had the time from work to do so.

Good group of guys.
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