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  • striker55

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    Jan 6, 2021
    Speed kills steel.

    In the early days, when everybody was using soft steel, 50-yard chickens were intimidating. Bullet splashback from cratered targets was a constant and sometimes painful reality.

    Now that most people have AR500 steel, standard cup and core bullets won't cause damage below 2400 fps at impact and some folks say 2600 is fine.

    But a .22-250 rifle at 50 yards on soft steel? I'm surprised that bullet didn't whistle straight through. :)
    I had 4 T-1 steel and one soft. One range I shot at people did get a ricochet, I remember a guy got hit on his hand.


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    Jan 13, 2020
    Granbury Texas
    Yep, but IHMSA did have a match that was nearly identical to the NRA 100-yard silhouette match, standing up with straight-walled cartridges. For many years, the Texas state championship for both disciplines was shot at the same time on the same course because the rules were so close to each other.

    Yeah. I'm not sure if the NRA ever did it but for the longest time the cartridge for the IHMSA 100-yard course was .22 Hornet. It had just enough oomph knock everything down and was cheaper to reload and more accurate than a .22 WMR. I sometimes shot the course with a .22LR; I knew I'd ring most rams and lose a few other targets but it sure was fun.

    Late in the life of IHMSA, they approved the .25-20 for the 100-yard game, even though it, like the Hornet, wasn't exactly a straight-walled case.

    I am firmly of the opinion that if that approval had come many years earlier, the Hornet would be a dead cartridge today and we'd occasionally still find boxes of .25-20 in gun shops.
    I still shoot my Winchester 92 in 25-20 and 32-20 (takedown with two barrels) the 2520 is a clover leaf shooter at 50 meters the 32-20 not so much Rifle has set rigger and scheutzen buttplate with tang diopter sight
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