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Testosterone problems

Discussion in 'Fitness' started by Indisputabull, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. vmax

    vmax TGT Addict TGT Supporter

    Apr 15, 2013
    Well.. its Illegal....for starters
    Federal drug charges are serious

    I know a couple of body builders who went down for that now they are convicted felons.
    Plus I've just never been a fan of injecting something into my body that I bought off a guy on the street....

  2. avvidclif

    avvidclif RFTW 2010

    Aug 30, 2017
    Van Zandt County
    I had a discussion about low t with my Dr. Mine was slightly below normal (whatever that is). He did not recommend taking anything. His statement is once you get on that medicine your body shuts down whatever level it was producing and will not start up again if you stop the shots. A friend gets a shot a week. No thanks, I'll try my own methods, more exercise, diet, etc. All of the stuff that will boost it naturally.
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  3. Big Green

    Big Green Active Member

    Mar 5, 2018
    College Station
    I got tested a few years ago at 33. Was told it was low and the doc highly recommended I go talk to this other doc and go from there. He was nice enough to inform me he did not recommend it at my age also due to the body stopping to produce it. I’m not overweight and was still running and was in the reserves so I didn’t really need it but it sounded interesting. A few Marines I served with on active duty had been taking it and they said the energy levels were great.

    My wife strongly disagreed with the test results. She was worried my hormones would kick into ultra high gear if I was supplementing testosterone. :cool:
  4. pronstar

    pronstar Well-Known TGT Supporter

    Jul 2, 2017
    It really surprises me how much mis-information is being perpetuated. Sheesh.

    “It’ll shut down your own production”
    Assuming there are no teenage boys in this site, you’ll never make more T than you are right now.

    If your body ain’t making enough, then it will never make’ll ALWAYS be deficient.

    I’ve stopped taking it for a month when my health coverage had a lapse.
    My levels dropped.
    They didn’t go to zero.

    “It’s a natural part of getting old”
    So is getting cancer, brittle bones and myriad other age-related disorders.
    Are we just to accept them all and do nothing?

    “It’s for bodybuilders”
    Therapeutic levels are orders of magnitude lower than bodybuilding levels. That’s literally not how it works.

    Are there ways to boost your own body’s production?

    Do these ways always work?
    And they won’t produce a significant boost if your body is highly deficient.

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  5. sidebite252

    sidebite252 Well-Known

    Mar 26, 2013
    Lake Texoma
    Somehow I sense I have low T so I always follow these threads.

    Between Low T, Tinnitus, mid 50’s, 40 lbs over weight, early stages of COPD.......... damn I’m falling apart.

    I really should follow up on the low T diagnosis.
  6. Dawico

    Dawico TGT Addict

    Oct 15, 2009
    Lampasas, Texas
    This is my philosophy.

    Basically I don't want to be stuck on medication that I will have to take forever unless I have an actual life threatening situation.

    My T can get low. My hair can fall out and turn gray. My gut can get bigger. My skin can wrinkle.

    All of these are signs of getting older and are perfectly natural. Let them come.

    You want T injections, liposuction, hair implants/ color, etc. then have at it. More power to you.
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  7. oldag

    oldag TGT Addict

    Feb 19, 2015
    Let your T levels drop into double digits and you will be singing a different tune.
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  8. Mowingmaniac 24/7

    Mowingmaniac 24/7 Well-Known

    Nov 7, 2015
    Vaquero and Dawico are spot on.

    How did our parents/grandparents get by without tweaking testosterone?

    We all would like to live healthy and forever...ain't gonna happen......
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  9. Dawico

    Dawico TGT Addict

    Oct 15, 2009
    Lampasas, Texas
    How do I know they aren't there already?
  10. oldag

    oldag TGT Addict

    Feb 19, 2015
    I strongly suspect you would know something was wrong.

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