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Anyone else carry a KelTec P32

Discussion in 'Texas Concealed Handgun (CHL)' started by vvllbs, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. skfullen

    skfullen In the woods... TGT Supporter

    Since he experiences misfires with a platform proven reliable by others, perhaps it means:
    Operational Malpractice Fails Shooter

  2. zackmars

    zackmars Active Member

    Nov 4, 2015
    galveston county
    Have one in parts. Friend of my family died, and left the keltec to my mom. I take it, clean it, re assemble it, and stick it in the safe.

    About a week later, i get some .32acp, and take it out to go to the range. As i pick it up, i notice the frame is bulging, and half the hammer spring(?) Falls out along with the plasitc lug that holds it.

    I open a service ticket with keltec, where i explained the gun was used, and that i would pay for any service/parts, and a few hours later, i get an email saying the ticket has been closed. I open another one, and they, in what i felt read very condescendingly, asked if i didn't see what one of the customer service reps wrote on the first ticket, and that they need a bunch of FFL information that I didn't have access to.

    I didn't expect a prepaid RMA, just let me pay for any repairs or the part I need.

    It was a shame, too. It was a neat little pistol
  3. jar

    jar Member

    Aug 26, 2008
    The Valley
    I've long been a fan of the 32acp and 32 S&W formats; easy to shoot, super accurate and rapid return to POA. But right now the newest of my 32acps was made back in 1968 so they are all larger than today's small pocket pistols.

    While I like all of them there is one that seems to get carried more often than the others.

    • Striker Fired.
    • External striker cocker.
    • Frame mounted Safety.
    • Slide rides inside of frame rather than over frame.
    • A "Delayed Blowback System" where the barrel rotates slightly before releasing.
    • The first high capacity Double Stack magazine. It held ten 32acps + one in the chamber.
    • Drop Free magazines.
    • Fully removable Fire Control Unit Breach Plug Assembly. You can simply turn the unit and slide it out.
    • No need to pull the trigger to take down.
    • No screws involved in field strip or even near total disassembly.
    The pistol was made in 1913 and I am continually amazed by the fact that all the parts still feel like they are rolling on ball bearings during assembly or disassembly.

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  4. 45tex

    45tex Well-Known

    Feb 1, 2009
    Got a P3AT when they first came out.Took 400 rounds before I felt it was reliable. Then the slide was recalled as the recoil spring would work out the front. It had a Florida vacation. But after that it rode in my back pocket for 3 years in a pocket holster. Then I noticed I'd invented the Taurus Curve. It still functioned but it was very bent. Can't sit on them for that long I guess. Lost trust in the little gun and moved on.
  5. single stack

    single stack Active Member

    Oct 27, 2011
    I have two 32acp's from WWII.
    I don't carry either.
    Keltec P3AT for pocket carry.
  6. Mohawk600

    Mohawk600 Member

    Mar 31, 2018
    I have one that I carry a lot just because it is so easy to put in a pocket.

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